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Noodl, our platform for experiments

Noodl is the code-less design & development platform that simplifies exploration and testing of ideas. Essentially, it brings next-gen technology to your fingertips but also enables rapid creation and realisation of concepts to test a hypothesis.




Stockholm public transport


Create a travel experience
for everyone

in action

Stockholm's Public Transportation Administration (SL) commissioned Topp to design a travel app experience that leaves nobody behind.

SL moves over 800 000 commuters a day: children and elderly travellers, people with a range of physical capabilities, and thousands of tourists and visitors as well. Topp was tasked with creating an app that worked for all of them

“Early on, Topp understood our challenges and desires, and we have worked very closely together. The result is an app that is easy to use with nearly 1 million downloads in just the first few months.”

- Mats Ellman
 Marketing Strategist
 Stockholm Public Transport

One experience that embraces everyone

Anyone can make a generic travel app, but SL didn’t see itself as a generic transit agency. They wanted something that felt personal, unique, iconic—and also marketable. Transit is there to move people, so people needs to be at the centre.

Usability & accessibility

‘Leave no traveler behind’ became a project mantra. That meant research, to understand who was using the SL system and what they needed. We focused especially on vulnerable and underserved groups—visually impaired riders, families with small children, recent arrivals—not just obvious, regular users.


We help companies test the direction of products and initiatives with market feedback.

Through a lean mindset and our proprietary platform Noodl, we shape experiments to capture real world data and evidence for decisions. Ensuring investment into ideas that are desirable, feasible and viable.

Bringing good
tested ideas
to market

Design thinking and qualitative design research are effective at uncovering user needs and informing direction. We combine these methods with data-driven in-market experiments to validate both underlying assumptions and effectiveness of new products and services, before scaling up for production.

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