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Why we always Think and Do in the first 8 hours

At the end of the first day of a new design project, what have you made? 

If the answer is “nothing”, or “we did some research”, or “we had a meeting”, you’re setting yourself up for failure. This may sound like a bold statement, but it’s backed up by basically all of our project experience, going back even before Topp’s founding. This understanding—that design projects are more successful when thinking and doing happen in constant alternation—is perhaps the most fundamental principle in our studio, and the one part of our process that never changes.


Everyone at Topp thinks, and everyone makes, and everyone does both every day. 

It gives us better design solutions across the board, because it turns out that the genius is in the transitions - moving between analysis and synthesis, evolving designs with solid methodologies. Every time you finish doing something and start thinking, your thinking improves because you’ve replaced an abstract idea with a concrete example. And every time you stop thinking and start doing, what you make gets better because it’s built upon a more developed understanding than the previous version.

Our projects have an “eight hour rule”. It's the expectation that everyone on the team to produce both insights and artifacts on a daily basis. The artifacts can be as simple as paper prototypes or as complex as a constantly evolving prototype of an app, wearable experience, or complex connected home system. But everyone at Topp can express themselves tangibly. 

We don’t just think and do, we think and do every day, and we have faith that this practice will take us someplace unexpected and extraordinary. It hasn’t failed us so far.






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