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Using VR simulations for UX prototyping

The idea of designing and prototyping experiences on the actual device you're working towards has been best practice for a long time. But what happens when you're designing an experience or service which spans multiple touch points or lives on a platform that you don't have access to? 

From cars to smart homes to dynamic public spaces, we can use VR to simulate these complex contexts of use, and iterate in real-time just as easily as we would design a mobile app.


With ambitions of instilling better experiences across all industries (whether it's a retail space, a manufacturing facility, or a new vehicle), we see that simulation is a particularly valuable approach to help make the design of complex scenarios more tangible to designers.

Consider some of the following aspects when setting up a simulation platform for UX prototyping:

Don't feel confined to designing just one touch point in a spatial environment - include screens, kiosks, mobile phones, virtual-physical switches
Ensure you consider multiuser scenarios, and enable groups in VR
Integrate the data generated in a VR environment directly into your prototypes (e.g., presence dynamics, personalisation, and other dynamics like the virtual speed of a car)
Simulate data and intelligence, itself - it's not just the interface that you're prototyping






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