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Summer School: Designing Impactful Digital Experiences

July 24- 27, 2017 - James Haliburton, CEO, and Roger Andersson Reimer, Head of Design, are teaching a summer school course on Designing Impactful Digital Experiences at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID).

Learn how to discover, direct and deliver future-leaning digital experiences with high impact and value. Gain practical skills in making ideas tangible, turning opportunities into real digital experiences that gains momentum within organisations.

Learning expectations:

  • Gain hands on experience of making digital design ideas tangible, through sketching & prototyping
  • Learn how to discover design opportunities through user-centered research methods
  • Learn how to move from design explorations into experience propositions
  • Learn how to establishing a design foundation that activates organisations
  • Understand how to create impact and momentum with your designs
  • Gain understanding of design patterns and use qualities to the digital medium today (and emerging tomorrow)

Prerequisites:This course is for students, designers, and other professionals who want to define a new generation of digital experiences, and bring new perspectives, meaning, and impact to their work.

For more information and course availability check out CIID.






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