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Enable Airbus teams to approach and develop point of view for leveraging IoT

Tool supported transformation,
hands on

Airbus worked with Topp to help assess and demonstrate the potential of IoT to improve processes and products.

Through a design-driven approach we developed prototypes, storyboards and augmented physical tools, to create the reference point for adopting new technology and advancing digital transformation.

“It’s one thing to talk about transformational technologies such as IoT, but actually holding a prototype in your hands and modifying it in real time takes the conversation up several levels.”

- Anes Hodžić
  VP Digital & IoT

A prototype is worth
a thousand words

IoT is powerful because it adds intelligence to almost any interaction—but mixing digital and physical adds complexity. If you want to explain a concept, including tangible artefacts can make communication 10x more effective than a deck alone.

Prototyping in the field of manufacturing involves more than just sensors, it's also an opportunity to bring real-time data into tasks, at exactly the time and place where it's most relevant.

Passing the torch

Airbus is an organisation with massive amounts of technical expertise in-house - to leverage this talented workforce we delivered kits, training, and content they could run with on their own and use in a variety of forums.

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We help companies explore and realise new opportunities outside of their core business and processes. Using a design-driven approach and establishing a clear purpose based on understanding of the opportunity space and customer needs.

To deliver progress in the long run, we help shape the tools, methods, and cultures that result in sustained and impactful innovation. Making innovation real.

Creating the next big leap
Running experiments that result in clear strategy, direction, and roadmaps
Making sure your tools work for you
Enabling the organisation with the most advantageous tools and platforms.
Working in the best way you can
Establishing a scalable innovation culture and creative processes.
Future proofing the organisation
Finding the right people, the right place, doing the right thing.

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