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We design things for humans. Experiences that moves people and adds quality to life through beauty and function. Stories that fosters belonging with company or cause. Technology that solve problems.

Irrespectively if the purpose is saving or making money, there's always a culture to be created that acts as the driving force for impact.

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Help define and launch a campaign with a physical/digital layer to engage audiences over the world

Design +
hands on

Nike´s next-generation football shoe, The Phantom, debuted during the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Topp helped Nike create a digital layer to engage audiences using a sophisticated Augmented Reality web app during its global launch campaign.

The app identifies custom stickers distributed on the streets of selected football cities spread over five continents. An exclusive entry point for early access and unique Nike unlocks and content.

Breaking the code with
computer vision

The triangle stickers were put up in the streets throughout the cities involved, reaching people directly on a medium they identify with, with a message that people could not entirely decipher without active participation. Once somebody decoded the message using their phone, they gained access to the secret Phantom Society.

Getting people engaged was the driver for this project.

A unique campaign

We worked with Nike from conceptualisation to launch. To create a shared vision we started prototyping from day one. We love working in a way that lets design and technology inform each other in this way.

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We help companies design & launch breakthrough digital products and services. Today, user experiences that result in competitive advantage require a tight integration of purpose, business objectives, user insight – and continuous iteration.

For Topp, that means embracing a way of working where tangible output is catalyst for shared perspective. Where design craft, research, strategy and technology goes hand in hand all along.

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