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MarbleCards, a blockchain startup, partnered with Topp to create a unique visual design system and style for their digital collectibles. MarbleCards enables any internet URL to be turned into a unique crypto collectible – a Marble card.

By utilizing an Ethereum protocol, any link on the Internet can only be ‘marbled’ once – creating a digitally scarce resource for saving, sharing, trading and gaming on top of the Marble platform.

Key points in how Topp collaborated with MarbleCards:

  • Creating a generative visual design system for creating qualities of scarcity and luxury
  • Development of a range of generative pattern algorithms
  • Art direction towards the branding of the Marble service
Topp created a unique algorithmic visual style built on a generative design system.
- Johan Unger, Co-founder, MarbleCards

a generative
visual system

Topp designed and prototyped a visual system and range of algorithms for generating a variety of expressive visual patterns based upon the content of a URL to achieve a distinctly branded, scalable (there’s billions of web URLs that can be marbled!) and desirable series of collectibles where every item is unique.

Algorithmic expressions

Blockchain algorithms became the core platform to build the designs around and demanded new approaches to creative expression and production - moving beyond Photoshop directly to coding algorithms as our primary tool.  

To tackle emerging challenges such as defining generative design systems, Topp draws on experiences  of working with complex contexts and data science.