We’re a small, experienced design & innovation studio, trusted by the biggest brands.

We work together with ambitious leaders and teams to make sure progress is made.

Our specialty is balancing design, tech and business perspectives and getting quickly to tangible results.

Working together

We take pride in having a very flexible approach to design.

We have worked on huge projects, such as the original Android OS or Samsung Tizen OS, but we have also done numerous projects with smaller start-ups.

We believe in merging our approach with the needs of our clients.

At Topp you’ll find a different dedication, we are not your average consultancy, everyone cares.

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All good things start with a friendly “hello”!

Email us at hello@topp.se and get the conversation going!

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And here are a few places you’ll find us:

Drottninggatan 38
211 41 Malmö, Sweden


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