Topp is a Swedish design & innovation agency based in Malmö.

We partner with ambitious companies, connecting strategy with action to create new digital product & service breakthroughs.

We help find
the right
way forward

How can we accelerate our innovation initiatives?

Making Innovation Real. It's painful to get caught up in innovation theatre, endless meetings and a lack of clear results.

We use a design-driven approach to build collaborative environments for prototyping ideas, decisions, rapid learning & organisational change.

How do we know if this idea resonates with customers?

Making Validated Investments. It's painful to launch something, and only after the fact realise that there's no market fit.

We shape experiments to test assumptions, gather signals and capture behavioural data to ensure investments are desirable and viable.

How should our new digital product or service look, feel & work?

Making Design Valuable. It's painful to invest time and resources into the next big thing, only to find a lack of engagement and confused customers.

We craft striking experiences in the intersection where new technology, brand, strategy and user needs converge.

We work with

Working together

We know that all companies work differently, and no industry is the same.

We bring our history, approach and experience as building blocks. Together we uncover the best means of partnering and getting to shared goals.

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