This new visual profile is based on a deeper brand foundation and emerging from our spirit of Dare, Discover, and Evolve. Today's brand can be seen as a more of a foundation than the final destination.

Some of this foundation can be seen in the topp.se website. Further developments in our online presence and other mediums will be rolled out over the coming months.

To explore is to share

To give a bit more context to how we arrived at where were are today, we want to share a bit of the visual evolution and exploration of this new visual profile. In this post we'll share three of the visual profile explorations. 

Each exploration is based on the personality and the spirit of Topp, highlighting different aspects in each.  A designer's work is never finished and that's exactly how we see our identity, the need to continuously shape the new. This new brand direction has a flexibility to accommodate an evolving company, team, and challenges.


We exist in the intersection of the daring and the serious. It's the Swede within us that screams lagom loudly!

The Qualities:

Digital: Much of our work is in the digital realm, and that provides us with many visual opportunities: generative, non-static, distorted, etc.

Colourful Excitement: We are a full spectrum of designers, researchers, and engineers with colourful ideas and expressions.

Daring: We want to try new things, and we want to break the visual grid!


We share our process to reveal the possibilities of our work. A Group of Explorers in the future of technology. Reinforced visuals and Emphasised ideas.

The Qualities:

Blueprinting: The Framework is visible. Invites us to scribble, explore, add clarifications. Outline.

Transparency: The process is a proud part of our work. We reveal the hidden work behind our content.

Clarity of Message: Easily understandable communication with clear meaning.


Simplification, Refined, Evolved. Minimal distractions & full focus.

The Qualities:

The work wants to speak: What we do is important and we give it the primary focus in our branding with full bleed.

Clean type: Minimalistic but impactful, type focused. Ideas are content. 

Negative space: The empty space defines what is not yet visible.