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Designing An Automotive Dashboard Using Real Data

During Web Summit, Topp teamed up with Ford to explore the future of automotive dashboards using data as a design medium.


New studio in San Francisco!

We're extremely excited to announce the opening of a permanent San Francisco studio! Local team members include Bay Area design & innovation leaders, Nathan Folkman and Johan Olsson.

4 Key Reasons to Prototype

Pssst... Prototyping isn't about the prototype. Download a short presentation about the 4 reasons prototyping will make impact in your design process.

Summer School: Designing Impactful Digital Experiences

From apps to AI, work with practical approaches to creating digital experiences that are meaningful to real people, and get traction from collaborators.

The Broadening of UX: Interview with Marek Pawlowski

The broadening of UX: Our UX Researcher, Jen Ignacz, and the founder of MEX, Marek Pawlaoski, discuss the expanding diversity of UX.

Designing for healthy behaviours

While users today are more educated about data gathering products, the struggle with designing for healthy behaviours is that health is not one thing. Health involves many factors, of which only a few are measurable with sensors, all leading up to the perception of well-being.

Topp with David Rose

Michael Cartner, Topp co-founder, introduces a new era of product development with David Rose.

Connected health: beyond quantified self

What if professional healthcare technology was put into the hands of average people? How could this benefit not only individual users but society as a whole? Read more about project Viro.

Topp Brand Evolution

To give a bit more context to how our brand arrived where it is today, we want to share some of the visual evolution and exploration of our new visual profile. In this post we'll share three of the visual profile explorations.

Our future Selves

At South By Southwest this year, Topp held a workshop called “Our Future Selves” that explored how pervasive connectivity and data will impact our lives, how we will understand the world around us, and what questions designers might need to ask when creating future experiences.

Making IKEA's night lamp smart

As a demonstration of how we approach designing with data, we're adding IoT capabilities into IKEA´s Spöka night light - and showing you how to do it, too!

Design+Data Lab

Earlier this year Topp launched the Design+Data Lab. The goal is to establish a forum for dialogue, experimentation, and innovation in a world that is rapidly generating huge amounts of data, tackling the implications of AI and machine learning, and just now really starting to see the true potential of the cloud.

The State of UX Research: Insights Into The Field With Steve Portigal

Our Lead UX Researcher, Jen Ignacz, had the opportunity to interview Steve Portigal, founder of Portigal Consulting, and author of one of our must-read books at Topp, Interviewing Users: How to Uncover compelling Insights.

Can the smartwatch be your primary device?

Here at Topp we’ve been working on several projects with wearables, most notably as design partner to Samsung, collaborating on the core experience of the Gear S2.

How We Learned to Love IoT

We know that successful digital products dramatically influence and alter people’s behavior. Here are three features for designing more responsible connected products.

Bringing Back the Shared Experience Of Watching Tv

TV shows, streaming content, and movies are so much more than a pastime. They are part of our daily social interactions and something many people passionately discuss and engage with.

Designing An Automotive Dashboard Using Real Data

During Web Summit, Topp teamed up with Ford to explore the future of automotive dashboards using data as a design medium.

We Asked For New Designs Yet Were Baffled By What We Got

During the recruitment of a new visual designer at Topp, one of the candidates made us think about how close brilliant and useless really are to each other.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Patterns

Design patterns are everywhere. They are the reusable solutions to challenges found in life, implemented in different mediums like software or physical objects. Some patterns have existed for ages and can find new life today, but some problems demand pattern innovation.

Health Month!

To help reflect on emerging trends, behaviours and design opportunities in the area of health and well-being, the Topp team embarked on a month long focus on health.

Golden krishna's best interface

James Haliburton, CEO at Topp, recently had a conversation with Golden Krishna, designer and author of "The Best Interface is No Interface," to talk about the future of interfaces, the difference between UX and UI, and the limits of the #NoUI mantra.

IOT Megatrends Report

Topp and VisionMobile have created a IoT Megatrends report for 2015, to be debuted at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The report highlights four of the most important trends in the emerging IoT space.

Connectivity and data

Internet of Things (IoT) products and services are fundamentally different than traditional products and apps. It’s difficult to point at a single object and say, “That’s IoT!”. Instead, what we find in IoT is a system of connected objects, cloud components and data that together becomes a user experience.

Research must go beyond data collection

Topp integrates qualitative UX research into our most forward looking client engagements. Most recently clients like Samsung and Miele have benefited from innovative approaches emerging from our UX research methods.


Since January 2015 we were joined by Master Thesis students Kristoffer Leo and Joakim Bonnevier. Every week they share their findings with the team, making this exchange a valuable experience for all of us.

Designing for force touch

Together with People People, Topp collaborated with Synaptics, the world leader in touch technology, to create a new generation automotive prototype for CES 2015.

What will make smart watches tick?

Wearables in general and smart watches in particular has been on the horizon for quite some time now, and during the recent months they’ve started to mature as mainstream products.

Anthropomorphism on the rise

How should we design systems where we interact with our behavior? New paradigms like touch come with a challenge – how do you enable people to learn how to use something new and unfamiliar?

Open lecture at CIID in Copenhagen

Michael Winberg & Roger Andersson Reimer recently presented an Open Lecture at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID) about cross-competent teams.

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