Who you are

You’re a passionate developer with a keen interest in technology and the possibilities it can offer when combined with great design. You know that a technical perspective can be crucial in the process of designing a user experience. Your passion could be hacking hardware, software or something completely different, you don’t need to be an expert on a certain tool, but you should have the ability and ambition to create experiences with a preferred set of tools and techniques. We think you have a background developing front-end experiences in some shape or form. At Topp, we often use Javascript in combination with our own prototyping platform Noodl (www.getnoodl.com), to create beautiful and functional prototypes. Knowing your way around various web or native frameworks and platforms is a bonus. Our design and prototype work often extends into physicality, so if your idea of fun includes hooking up an Arduino to a bunch of sensors or laser cutting parts for a robot you’ll probably feel right at home at Topp.

Who we are

Topp consist of a creative team of  engineers, visual designers, user experience designers and researchers. We like to invent things, work with innovation, and share knowledge with each other. We want to explore, learn and challenge what already exists. We believe in the idea that prototyping helps create a better design, that in the end makes for better products and services. Topp is shaped by all the people that work here and if you join the team, you’ll be an integral part of what defines us. At Topp everybody enriches the culture with their own background, experiences and skills, therefore we value diversity. 

What will you do here

At Topp prototyping is a fundamental part of everything we do. We create our own tools and have our own approach to how we do things. Our in-house developed prototyping tool Noodl is a result of us pushing the limits of what we believe prototyping should be all about.  We believe that you are interested in being part of creating great design by making things come alive through prototyping.As a UX developer, you will work as part of a multi-disciplinary team. The role of a developer at Topp is varied, which requires you to be open-minded and flexible, as well as a great team player. We value the unique skills and perspective that you’ll add to our team dynamic. Topp is a place where you can learn and develop in a way that suits your ambitions, whether that’s building technology roadmaps, project leadership or product ownership. 

What we do

We work with clients that range from large to small (Samsung, E.ON, Doctors without Borders, Flic to name a few we can talk about). We work on forward-looking projects and services - that’s everything from apps, wearables, car interfaces, kitchen stoves, robots and much more. Sometimes this work is meant to inspire and drive change within a company, sometimes it’s to determine the next product to market. Whatever it is, we’re there to create great design that makes a lasting impact for our clients.

Here are some examples of our work:

First step

Email us your CV and some of your reference work to apply@topp.se

Questions  Anna Oscarsson, anna@topp.se +46709462439