Who you are:

We believe you have a solid background from design as a Researcher, Technologist, UX, Visual or Service Designer. As an innovation lead we believe you have an attitude of getting things done. You’re driven and find it easy to connect with both our team and our clients. There is a balance in business and human needs in the plans and strategies you shape. You’re eager to apply your skills when; re-framing, selling, pitching and inspiring.

As a Design and Innovation Lead at Topp you will work within a multidisciplinary team that turns human insights into strategic initiatives, products, services, and experiences. Your role includes gathering and synthesising qualitative and quantitative research to develop deliverables on complex projects. The insights you find will be used to to design new experiences, prototypes, presentations and strategies. Working at Topp means you work in teams, where your skill set complement others. We believe you are fluent going between facilitation, directing, coaching, collaborating and progression.

For you to be successful, we believe you should be:

  • Great at taking decisions on approach and setup dependent on context
  • A generalist/hybrid at heart that bridges design and innovation
  • Have a solid experience in leading clients, engagements & teams
  • Ability to communicate around innovation, sharing you skill
  • Ability to generate and visualise ideas & conduct research & evaluation
  • Self-motivated & ability to lead yourself and others

What will you do here:

We are looking for someone who’s passionate about the opportunity to work with design and innovation together with some of the most talented designers on the globe — for a global dream list of clients. You will do design work, guide initiatives and facilitate relationships both externally and internally. You will coach both design teams and our client and help them set ambition and intent. You will design organizational structures and strategic assets to help the clients drive innovation.

You will use your design skills to visualize ideas and concepts as a way of communicating. Drive design decisions all the way from insights, through developing the ideas in collaboration with design teams. You will lead by example, inspiring other designers to push their craft and bring their best. Inspire new ways of thinking and explore the unknown using fresh and unique approaches to design problems.

You will be developing and practicing skills from fields that go beyond design, supporting the project & delivery function in planning the perfect design project as well as supporting business development, communicating different project approaches directly to client. We will also look to you to set intent and vision for innovation & design at Topp and to be able to communicate this external and internally.

In your role as Design and Innovation Lead you will:

  • Facilitate & coach creative/innovative processes for client teams
  • Design and set up innovation processes
  • Design co-creation & experimentation approaches
  • Prepare trends and insights to inform and inspire the design
  • Establishing research methods and strategies within a cross functional innovation team.
  • Establishing goals, experiments and a way of working
  • “Frame” products, services and initiatives
  • Design presentations and prototypes to communicate new ideas, experiences and strategies.
  • Independently conduct research, through independent data research and/or user shadowing and interviewing, to identify business problems which require innovative solutions.
  • Have a high degree of self-awareness and emotional intelligence when working with people of diverse backgrounds and ways of thinking
  • Be comfortable working through ambiguity on projects from problem finding through prototyping to solutions, and be relentlessly optimistic
  • Be excited about working with clients from multiple sectors, and making the world a better place
  • Excel when you have room to be entrepreneurial, to step into gaps, to do what needs to get done... as opposed to preferring to be told what to do

What we do:

Topp is a group of talent inspired by taking creative leaps and obsessing about progress. We believe in making and experimentation as the means to shape amazing things with traction.

We are a Swedish innovation agency. We partner with companies to connect strategy with action and create momentum towards product & service breakthroughs.

We support client teams in creating the fastest feedback loops with people, customer needs and the real world. Expressing opportunity, identifying implications and generating evidence for direction by getting to high-fidelity output without technology limitations.

First step:

Please email us your CV to apply@topp.se


Minna Gedin

Head of Project & Delivery