Who you are:

Topp is looking for a candidate that is passionate about building and designing businesses, connecting the design of a new products, services or experiences to a broader business and innovation strategy enabling growth.

We are looking for someone who’s passionate about the opportunity to work creatively with business together with some of the most talented designers on the globe — for a global dream list of clients. The business designer role at Topp is also in parts, a new role which require you to be driven and self motivated. Comfortable and knowing that your perspective is valuable and being solutions focus in finding great ways to express your perspecive with the team. To be successful you will need to both work analytical but also creative and have design experience at your core.

We believe you are eager to work with a team of talented designers, researchers and design technologists — generating and establishing opportunities and value propositions in different stages from design research to implementation.

You will also work close to our clients, leading the process, designing on spot, running workshops and communicating business implications and analysis insights directly to client — impacting businesses on a strategic and organisational level.

We believe you are curious about the intersection between people, business, design and technology. We believe you share Topp’s experimental mindset, iterating hypothesis in order to reach clarity. Rapidly switching between thinking (analytical) and doing (creative).

For you to be successful, we believe you…

  • Have at least a couple of years of working experience within the field of; market analysis, business model design, design, consumer insights, business strategy or business intelligence.
  • Feel a passion for turning data into insights
  • Understand the stories behind different finical models and how they relate to shaping new experiences.
  • Are curious! Finding opportunities, intent and vision
  • Have great collaboration and communication skills, simplifing complexity
  • Are self-motivated & ability to lead yourself and others
  • Have an understanding of taking offering to market as well as scaling those offerings with scenario planing and forecasting methods.
  • Are passionate about brining new ideas and offers to market.  

What will you do at Topp:

As a business designer at Topp you will ultimately ensure that the viability of new concepts are considered throughout the design process. We will look to you to establish strategic foundations for product, service and innovation efforts. You will validate ideas through data, applying a strategical and analytical mindset. Your work as part of the design team, bridging the gap between design and business. In the team you will take the lead in expressing value propositions and iterate business impacts of new ideas to better understand the business and market opportunity at hand. You will collect and analyse data, develop insights, communicate insights, define business strategies, and explore growth opportunities and value propositions.

In your role as Design & Business Lead you will:

  • Connect the design of a new products, services or experiences to a broader business strategy.
  • Create a great collaborative way of working between yourself and our teams. Both critiquing design through a business lens but also communicating insight in a format that sparks ideas.
  • Set up a great collaborative way of working between yourself and our clients. Communicating insight and implication that enable great decision and progress.
  • Be part of creating your own role, evolving Topp practices as you go. Establishing metrics, experiments and ways of working. This also include communicating and sharing your skills within business design with others.
  • Design activities including client workshops, stakeholder interviews, business intelligence gathering, creative brainstorms, visioning and KPI development.
  • Do and set up measurements, KPIs, organisational change, venturing, design storytelling, design thinking, coaching, business/investment case generation and product management.
  • Prepare industry & market analysis
  • Produce, use and communicate business models & strategies
  • Host workshops and explain business insight with a storytelling driven narrative.
  • Design and prototype business models that enhance and extend consumer experiences.
  • Translate business data and concepts into actionable insights

What we do:

Topp is a group of talent inspired by taking creative leaps and obsessing about progress. We believe in making and experimentation as the means to shape amazing things with traction.

We are a Swedish innovation and design agency. We partner with companies to connect strategy with action and create momentum towards product & service breakthroughs.

We support client teams in creating the fastest feedback loops with people, customer needs and the real world. Expressing opportunity, identifying implications and generating evidence for direction by getting to high-fidelity output without technology limitations.

First step:

Please email us your CV to apply@topp.se


Minna Gedin

Head of Project & Delivery